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Enhancing UI using Bizagi Widgets

Online course
Description Create powerful user interfaces with Bizagi widgets by adding new features and plugins, and refining Bizagi forms for an enhanced user experience for all your devices. Learn how to apply ready-to-use widgets, modify them and create your own ones using the Widget Editor, a browser-accessible SDK. Customize your interfaces using images, graphics, multimedia and your preferred text formatting. Learn about best practices, and how to troubleshoot and create reliable widgets. The labs take place in a personalized cloud-based environment that provides all the tools you will need to complete the course.
Duration 5 Hours
  • Explore widget editing and creation in further detail
  • Enhance your interfaces with ready-to-use widgets from the Widget Xchange
  • Learn about widget components, and how to edit and create them
  • Improve the user experience and Bizagi forms by customizing the UI
  • Review best practices and development troubleshooting
  • Why you need a great UI
  • How to install and use built-in widgets
  • How to use the Widget Editor
  • Create basic widgets
  • Modify ready-to-use widgets
  • Code implementation and using the Widget Editor API
  • Simulate your widgets
  • Troubleshoot widget editing
Recommended Audience This course is aimed at professionals who are involved or interested in the development of digital transformation projects, particularly creating and enhancing the user interface in Bizagi. Some expertise in code programming and web design is highly recommended, especially the following frameworks and languages:
  • HTML (preferably HTML5)
  • CSS (preferably CSS3)
  • Javascript
  • JQuery
How it works?
  • The online workshop allows students to take the class from their office or home
  • The instructor will use a web conferencing tool for the explanations
  • The exercises will be done using the Bizagi platform in a cloud-based classroom that provides all the tools required for process automation
  • The instructor will help students during the exercises and review their work
Software and Hardware Requirements
  • A computer with high-speed Internet connection 4 MB +
Price 200 USD
Payment methods
  • Credit card
  • PayPal
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