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  • Romanian Branch of International Bank
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Fully compliant GDPR system in 5 months


Automated manual upload time equivalent 3 FTE

One of the oldest banks in Romania, this bank consisted of multiple siloed systems. They needed to integrate and gain full visibility over these data systems to meet a critical requirement: ensuring GDPR compliance.

They deployed Bizagi to act as a repository of consent, i.e. one core layer to provide full visibility over the information of a million customers. Not only has this helped them to achieve GDPR compliance, but the manual tasks of running queries and uploading Excel spreadsheets, or manually updating the consent of clients into multiple systems has now been automated, saving the equivalent time of three full-time employees.

Bizagi is easy to use. Even if you don’t work in IT, with a little bit of training you can do anything. I particularly like that I can easily configure the design of screens that are going to be seen by the end users."

Manager, Web Applications


  • Deliver a solution to achieve GDPR compliance urgently
  • Integrate eight data systems including bank’s core system, online and mobile banking
  • Create a single version of the truth for customer data
  • Achieve operational efficiency by automating manual tasks
  • Enable real-time visibility across customer data


  • Delivered a fully-compliant GDPR solution quicker than expected - just 5 months’ time
  • An integration exchange through Bizagi connects every data system in the business
  • Automated queries and uploads to save time of 3 FTEs
  • Achieved real-time visibility through Bizagi digital layer
  • Now implementing further automation in other departments