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US agency used Bizagi to reduce four paper forms to one digital process to save time and money and get injured people prompt settlements
I am very pleased to have chosen Bizagi for my organization's modernization project, and I know it will do the job for us faster, quicker, and for less money than other options. Director Information Technology
A US State’s Workers’ Compensation group was keen to digitally transform their claims system supporting 23,000 employers, which was still reliant on paper documents dating back 80 years. Using Bizagi, they created a new digital system that streamlined business activities, condensing four paper forms into one digital process, saving days of admin work for scheduling claims hearings. This significantly contributed to their organizational goals of helping injured people receive prompt settlements and get back to work.
  • Optimize the way of processing 100,000 copies of injury reports received each year
  • Reduce reliance on paper forms
  • Enable communication between legacy mainframe machines and web applications
  • Create digital system that allows for rapid and reactive development and improvement
  • Make settlements within 30 days of a claim
  • Streamlined business activities with four paper forms now in one digital process
  • Automated the scheduling of hearings (used to take six people 8 weeks to do 20 days’ worth of hearings, now takes minutes)
  • Saved time and money in printing and postal costs as no physical paper distributed
  • Low-code approach means changes don’t require hard code change
  • Can now respond quickly to regulatory changes
  • Ability to analyse historical data and track trends, which wasn’t possible before

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