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Bizagi was used to format data for RPA bots in 40 different systems across the business so customer requests can now be answered in real time, rather than 30 days.
About Citizens Bank
Part of Citizens Financial Group (NYSE: CFG), Citizens Bank is one of the largest banks in the USA, with over $160.5 billion in assets. Citizens offers a broad range of banking services to over five million individuals, small businesses, middle-market companies, large corporations and institutions. Citizens offers mobile and online banking, 2,900 ATMs and service at their 1,100 branches across 11 states.
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The critical piece for us is getting information [for RPA] up front, digitized and formatted. Using a tool like Bizagi to help facilitate that is a critical cog in the wheel. Matt Lavoie, Head of Robotic Process Automation and iBPMS
Citizens Bank is a top performing bank, distinguished by their customer-centric culture and wanted to grow their business using innovative methodologies and intelligent technologies. Their plan was to deploy Robotic Process Automation in their commercial lending process, but data that was being passed to bots was not in a standardized format, which meant it was not usable. Bizagi was used to initiate workflows and digitize the data, before passing it to RPA to be executed where appropriate. This has help employees to be more efficient and better serve the bank’s customers.
  • Implement RPA in commercial lending process
  • Ready data coming into the bank for RPA bots to handle
  • Instate formalized workflow tool
  • Unite colleagues and eliminate silos
  • Improve customer experience by making data more readily available to employees
  • Reduce time it takes to complete customer request – up to 30 days
  • Optimized customer journey executed by Bizagi, while RPA completes tasks within with 40 different systems across the business
  • Data formatted by Bizagi before being processed by RPA bots
  • Digital workers now touch over 50% of commercial loan portfolio
  • Bizagi allows staff to answer questions in real time by providing 360-degree view of customer data
  • Customers can take different avenues to request services, all with excellent customer experience

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