• Canadian Branch of Global FMCG Company
  • Canadian Branch of Global FMCG Company
  • Manufacturing & Retail
  • Canada


weeks to deploy 9 processes


increase in time to market


reduction in processes

In order to respond to changing market dynamics, this FMCG company’s speed to market team needed to make process changes to their supply chain fast and deploy process applications in a fraction of time.

Now, new products or innovations are tracked down to specifications, costing, scheduling, manufacturing and marketing with the help of Bizagi platform. This has enabled better process control and empowered the team to manage process changes with minimal IT support. The speed to market team can now execute processes seven times quicker and have benefited from a reduction in paperwork and removal of approval delays have improved the process control and visibility.

Bizagi is like the Apple of BPM software. Clean and intuitive."

Head of BPM


  • Increase control and visibility of critical processes through clearly defined workflows
  • Reduce inefficient practices resulting from manual changes to spreadsheets
  • Engage business people in process modeling and empower them to carry out their own process developments
  • Reduce the costs associated with the change request cycle
  • Improve speed to market of product development and improvement
  • Better performance and visibility through out-of-box reporting


  • 9 processes sharing 27 business process applications deployed in 12 weeks
  • 7x increase in time to market
  • Number of processes cut by 89% from 50 to nine
  • Improved productivity, quality and compliance achieved through reuse
  • Dynamic business processes supporting continuous improvement
  • On-time and on-budget implementation