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Bizagi Automation Service
Release Notes

Release date:November, 2017 About Bizagi Automation Service
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What we've updated
June 2018 Web Management Console Bizagi PaaS Enterprise users will now have the opportunity to browse Traces and Event logs via the Management Console Web. It allows them to preview the files, export and download them, and to make the browsing of the files easier a filtering feature has been added. This avoids the need to contact the Support team in order to get Traces and Event log files. http://help.bizagi.com/bizagi-paas/en/index.html?web-management-console.htm

SAML 2.0 Support SAML 2.0 is the most widely-adopted industry protocol employed for authentication, and renown Identity Managers in the market support it. Bizagi features integration with Identity and Access Management systems (i.e, Identity Managers or Identity Providers) by means of secure industry protocols and standards. Among such protocols, SAML 2.0 is now supported. http://help.bizagi.com/bizagi-paas/en/index.html?cloud_auth_saml.htm
April 2018 View deployment package - Enterprise subscriptions Customers can now review what is inside a deployment package from the Bizagi Run portal: entities, processes, user jobs, organization, among others. This way they can gain more control over what they are uploading to their environments. The deployment package details are read only. http://help.bizagi.com/bizagi-paas/en/view_package_content.htm

New Report Feature for Live Processes! Users can now generate reports for published Live Processes with relevant case data and the possibility to export the results into Excel file. http://help.bizagi.com/bizagi-paas/en/index.html?process-reports.htm

November 2017 Undo deployment package Users in Enterprise subscriptions can now Undo the LAST deployment package, restoring the environment's database to the previous point before the deployment. This feature is available in testing environments, when the deployment to undo has NOT been up for more than 30 days. When using the undo deployment featre, the information entered during tests will be lost.
Sites improvements (multi-tenant subscriptions)
  • New size of the grid. Include more items with a 1200 px size
  • Visual improvements to see when working on a contextualized page
  • Improvements to create new sites and change subscriptions
  • There is a better distribution of the controls in the design area
  • We included usability improvements in the wizard to create a site and in the visibility menu.
  • Picked colors are now included in a Recent colors section, to ease reusability.
October 2017 SharePoint Online - phase 1 This is the first phase for supporting SharePoint Online for Bizagi Web parts. The objective is to support the same functionality in the Online service as we do with SharePoint on premises.
  • OAuth authentication is required
  • Must be served through HTTPS
  • Users in Bizagi must be the same in Azure Active Directory and SharePoint online
  • Mobile devices not supported (desktop application only)

Artificial Intelligence UI redesign (multi-tenant subscriptions) Improved usability in the Artificial Intelligence cloud application. The modern redesign features a consistent user experience as in other cloud applications, along with an enhanced navigability and the possibility of intuitively managing models and experiments. Applies to Bizagi Cloud.
Deployment log After a successful deployment, you will be notified that processes have been imported and your changes are ready to be used in the target environment. Traceability features will allow you to view the history of applied packages per environment.
New Maintenance Window to avoid conflicts Deployments, version upgrades, scaling up and roll-backs require the enablement of a maintenance window prior to their execution. When enabled, this window stops all services and prevents users from using the application during maintenance processes.
Datasets improvements (multi-tenant subscriptions) It is now possible to include new columns for the dataset structure, even after having already created its first definition. Applies to Bizagi Cloud.
July 2017 Live Processes - new notification task Live Processes now support sending business emails by using a new notification task. Send a configurable email to the case creator, specific users, the process owner and collaborators, or to specific email addresses.
Live Processes - automatic alarms improvements Enhanced settings allow you to send an alarm for expired tasks to the current assignee, as well as to the case creator, the assignee's supervisor, the process owner, or further process collaborators.
Cloud applications (www.bizagi.com) - Single Sign-On experience (milt-tenant subscriptions) Browse through cloud applications (Datasets, Artificial Intelligence, Sites, Management Portal) while using your same account.bizagi.com credentials in a smooth SSO experience.
Email integration - configuration test button (Enterprise subscriptions) Validate directly in the web management console if your email integration set up has all parameters correctly configured. Use a test button to verify connectivity to your mailbox service, as used in runtime to complete tasks via email.

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