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Pure Science: Why Fraunhofer made Bizagi its #1

BPMS vendor releases rankings report from leading research institute, revealing best-in-class results in a highly competitive field including Appian, K2, Oracle and IBM.

London, UK – January 15th, 2015

Pure Science: Why Fraunhofer made Bizagi its #1

Bizagi, the leading BPM platform provider, has released the detailed analysis that gave the company its top-ranked product rating last month.

The research, carried out by Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering (IESE), is designed to provide companies with a qualitative overview of the BPM market.

With a workforce of over 22,000, Fraunhofer is Europe’s biggest and most respected organization for applied research, operating a total of 66 institutes and independent research units.

Fraunhofer BPM Study 2014, available both in English and its original German, provides potential BPM buyers with detailed breakdowns of Bizagi’s performance in 10 key areas.

The breadth of the report clearly differentiates Fraunhofer from similar studies. As well as the traditional functionality comparison, each vendor was also rated against non-functional aspects such as integration, usability and adaptability. All 18 BPM vendors were invited to a full-day performance assessment workshop where they were rated on their ability to deliver processes and apply tooling on the fly.

Here, Bizagi exceled in many areas, scoring well-above-average scores for process modeling (80.9%), model export (100%), ease of use (78%) integration (85.4%) and reporting (66.3%).

"To be rated Top Ranked product by a world-renowned software engineering institute is a milestone moment for Bizagi,"

says CEO Gustavo Gomez

"I know first-hand from attending the Fraunhofer workshop just how rigorous the assessment process is. As a company, we are passionate about delivering quality software so I relished the challenge of putting Bizagi through its paces. We’re all delighted with the results."

To read the full UK version of the Bizagi review, (21 pages, PDF) download Fraunhofer Suite BPM Analysis 2014 now or download the original report in German.

About Bizagi

Bizagi (which stands for business agility) is a privately-owned company run by software entrepreneurs who are experts in Business Process Management (BPM). Over 350 global customers have selected Bizagi to model and automate their business processes which results in improved operational efficiencies, shorter time to market and business agility. Our enterprise customers gain significant competitive advantage by using Bizagi’s software to streamline mission-critical processes (cross-functional, complex and international) as well as mundane daily routines. With global headquarters in the UK, offices in Europe, USA and Latin America, Bizagi is supported by a strong implementation partner network worldwide. For more information, please visit www.bizagi.com.

About Fraunhofer

The Fraunhofer IESE is an institute of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft. The institute transfers innovative software development technologies, methods and tools to industrial practice. It helps companies to build up needs-based software skills and gain a competitive position in the market.

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