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Mentis Neuro Health & Bizagi Win Best Achievement in Digital Transformation at Business Transformation and Operational Excellence Awards

- Healthcare provider reduces onboarding time by 90% in 90 days using Bizagi

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — 23rd March, 2017 — Bizagi, a leader in digital process automation and digital transformation, today announced that customer Mentis Neuro Health has been recognized at the 2017 Business Transformation and Operational Excellence Awards (BTOEs) for ‘Best Achievement in Digital Transformation’.

Specialist rehabilitation experts Mentis Neuro Health triumphed in this award category due to the outstanding results achieved in transforming the patient onboarding process, reducing the end-to-end process by 90% in just 90 days by digitizing complex business rules based on specialist medical knowledge.

As a by-product, this achievement in improving the efficiency of patient care has led to a 21% increase in patients choosing Mentis Neuro Health over competitors. Organizations with similar digital requirements in healthcare or customer on-boarding can learn more by watching a recording of the story here.

“We are of course thrilled with this result, and I hope it goes some way towards recognizing the amazing work of our highly specialist and dedicated healthcare professionals, as well as those involved in the Bizagi project.” said Morgan Porter, CTO and Chief Compliance Officer, Mentis Neuro Health.

Gustavo Gomez, Bizagi CEO, commented on the recognition "Mentis Neuro Health is highly deserving of this award, and this is just one example of the huge potential for digital transformation and digital process automation in healthcare services all over the world."

About Mentis Neuro Health

Mentis Neuro Health is a leader in the provision of post-acute rehabilitation for persons with an acquired brain injury, addressing the sequelae of mobility, social interaction, communication, employability and re-entry into their homes and communities. The company currently operates six neuro health facilities located in Texas and Ohio, and each facility is specially designed to deliver “Excellence in Individualized Care.”

About Bizagi

Headquartered in the UK and with operations across North America, Europe and Latin America, Bizagi is a global leader in digital business platforms. With a global user community of over 650,000 process pioneers, Bizagi has helped over 500 enterprises in 50 countries to survive and thrive in the digital age. For more information, please visit www.bizagi.com

About the BTOEs

BTOES17 has taken over the mantel of the elite Global Six Sigma Awards and taken it into the new age of Operational Excellence focused not just on Lean Six Sigma and incremental improvements at the operational level, but also strongly aligned with strategy execution, value creation, customer experience, and business transformation to create the future.

Media information:

For more information please contact Tim Burton via marketing@bizagi.com
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