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Release notes Bizagi Modeler

Version 3.4 Release date:April 5, 2019
New features
Printing diagrams
  • We have enabled printing in high quality definition (vector printing). The new print preview screen offers a complete improved printing experience.
  • New option to print multiple diagrams at the same time.
https://help.bizagi.com/process- modeler/en/index.html?printing_large_diagrams.htm
Freeze Milestones and Lanes
Lanes and Milestones can now remain visible when you scroll or zoom a large diagram. http://help.bizagi.com/process-modeler/en/index.html?the_ribbon.htm
Create a diagram copy
Create a new diagram based on an existing one with the click of a button. This option copies everything: properties, values and elements.
Text direction
A new text formatting option appears on the Format tab of the ribbon. It lets you rotate the text of: Events, Gateways, Sequence Flows and Artifacts. You can choose between horizontal or vertical.
Display a guide to align shapes
A guide to align shapes appears when you move or add shapes to your diagrams.
Back to previous diagrams
Now it is possible to go back to a previously visited process diagram by selecting a back button.
Publish to Word improved
  • Respect template styles: it is now possible to publish to Word and chose the desired formatting: Respect template styles to ignore the format given within the Modeler tool (using the format of the Word template) or publishing with custom styles.
  • Repeat table headers: It is now possible to include the header of a table on each page, when the table breaks within pages.
  • Avoid unnecessary blank lines in word publishing: unnecessary blank lines in a published Word file have been removed.
  • Customize publishing structure: Users can now arrange, move or delete elements from the final document in Word publishing by using a new Template syntax to define styles and the document structure.
  • Avoid empty sections: Fields with no content such as empty descriptions or attributes with no values are no longer published.
  • Publish only required resources: Only the roles included in the published process diagrams are exported in the RACI properties of elements and processes included.
Define default settings for shape colors
Now it is possible to customize the default colors and font type of the following shapes: Pool, Tasks, Sub-processes, Events (Start, Intermediate, End), Gateways, Data Objects, Data Stores, Groups, Annotations and Formatted Text artefacts. Up until now Bizagi offered the option to customize the sizes of BPMN elements and artefacts.
Add/Edit options of the extended Combo Radio and Multiple attributes
The user interface of the Combo, Radio and Multiple attributes options editor has been improved:
  • Resize the editor window
  • Filter the items on the list
  • Delete items on the list, selecting a deletion button
  • Sort the list by dragging them
  • Alphabetically sort the list items
  • Add list items from a .TXT file (Combo attribute only)
Show the spelling edition window
It is now possible to display the spelling edition window by clicking the icon, instead of having to select the spelling icon from the home tab of the ribbon to display it. Up until now, when a user selected the spelling mistakes check box from the view tab of the ribbon, an icon appeared indicating a spelling mistake.
Important: Simulation is now part of the premium features. Only users in Professional, Workgroup (Trial included) and Enterprise can use this functionality. Why do we have this change? Bizagi Modeler offers simulation using a simulation Engine called L-SIM from Lanner (https://www.lanner.com/). In the past they provided the component for free, but now Lanner is charging Bizagi for distributing this component. Thus, Bizagi is moving the simulation capabilities to the paid tier of Modeler Services.
An Issue that crashed the application before starting in some machines are solved from the version forward.
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