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Release notes Bizagi Modeler

Version 3.3.2 Release date:February 1, 2019
New features
Web and usage analytics report
Gain insight of the usage of your Modeler Services regarding your users interaction to analyze and enhance governance, agility, and efficiency. Get value out of your data with graphic reports on a specific time frame and drill down by selecting optional filters.
Performance improvement: changing sub-process type
Transforming embedded sub-processes to reusable sub-process is now 4X faster.
Performance improvement: Publishing documentation diagrams
  • Publishing individual diagrams of the model is now 78% faster
  • Publishing all diagrams of the model is now 98% faster
Performance improvement: Simulation models
Simulations of diagrams are now 92% faster
Performance improvement in desktop options
  • Saving a model is 53% faster
  • Opening a model is 53% faster
  • Sharing is 53% faster
  • Editing model properties is 53% faster
Bug fixes
Folders in the web application open faster
Storage capacity for personal plan is now being controlled.
Issues finding words using advanced search have been solved.
Resizing of title bar buttons when editing subprocesses is now fixed.
Issues selecting icons in the web application have been solved.
Table extended attributes in the desktop application can be now visualized in the web application.
It is now required to close the application before installing a Bizagi Modeler new version.
Issues importing BPMN diagrams are now solved.
In the mobile application an icon has been added to identify value chain diagrams.
Issues when login in with different users in the web application and desktop application have been solved.
Processes diagrams are now alphabetically sorted.
Issues visualizing comments made in the web application have been solved.
In the sign in window, when entering the password wrong, only this field needs to be fixed.
Upgrading the plan in the web application requires to refresh desktop application to enable the features.
Issues when translating the desktop application to different languages have been solved.
Validations when typing a URL have been implemented.
Issues creating table extended attributes has been fixed.
The user interface has been improved in the mobile application.
Diagrams can now be accepted from the mobile application.
Issues translating service analytics texts to different languages have been solved.
It is now possible to delete diagrams in local models.
Extended attributes configuration have been improved.
Distribution of the comments section in the web application interface has been improved.
Issues with panels distribution of service analytics interface in the mobile application have been solved.
Special characters to name folders are now restricted in the diagrams general view of the desktop application.
The pop up window interface that appears when creating folders in the web application has been improved.
Issues importing diagrams from Visio 2016 to Bizagi Modeler have been improved.
The interface of web service analytics has been improved to visualize its user menu.
Processes acceptance using internet explorer has been fixed.
Changes performed by users within the web and desktop application are now successfully synchronized.
The interface of diagrams viewed on the mobile application has been improved.
Issues opening models of more than 7MB in the desktop application have been solved.
Notifications in the activity stream are shown now.
The comments section of the web application automatically closes when the user browses other options.
Issues creating folders in the desktop application interface have been solved.
The interface of the process control on basic element properties of the desktop application has been improved.
Now, a cache folder that was automatically created in the user’s desktop when opening the desktop application, does not appear.
In the desktop application, it is now possible to edit models created in the web application.
Issues inviting users to a Workgroup subscription have been solved.
Issues opening existing models in the desktop application when the user has a diagram opened, have been solved.
Issues with the language of pop-up windows when the desktop application idiom is Spanish, have been solved.
Issues disabling trial versions on the expiration date, are now solved.
Changes made to a diagram when working collaboratively are now synchronized.
Issues with the interface of long texts in the mobile application have been solved.
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