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Release notes Bizagi Modeler

Version 3.3.0 Release date:October 12, 2018
New features
New Plans in Modeler Services
We are very pleased to announce a new plan in our Modeler Services: Professional.
Aimed for our individual users who love to save their models in the cloud, who need special publishing options like SharePoint and Web, who need to work offline and who want to customize their documentation.
Start with our free Personal plan and upgrade to Professional as your modeling needs become more sophisticated.
Note: SharePoint and Web publishing is now a paid-for feature, available in all our Modeler Services plans. This also applies for Offline work and Customizing documentation logo.
New pricing in Modeler Services Workgroup plan
We have heard our community and we are redefining our Modeler Services pricing.
Available for teams of process professionals working with 2 to 25 users in organizations of any size. Additionally, billing has been changed: we have removed Editors and Contributors to help simplify the usage model. We now charge a single user license, and permissions are granted within the Models shared. (Modeler Services Enterprise remains unchanged with these updates).
New payment platform
Our self-service subscribers will now be directed to an entirely new subscriptions and payment gateway. It is modern, fresh and offers an improved buying journey.
Subscribers will now have the option to review and manage their billing information as well as download invoices.
Users can manage their billing information as well as decide whether to purchase a monthly or annual subscription.
Workgroup users are now enabled to add or remove users from their subscriptions anytime, and their invoices will be adjusted automatically to the changes made.
Revision History – Enterprise Only
In collaborative enterprise environments diagrams can be versioned, creating new Revisions. Revision can be created, navigated, published and restored by Process Editors, on the Web Application. When published, all the enabled employees will visualize on their My Process View of the Web Application the revision published. When restored, all the Process Editors will have the selected revision as the current working one on their Web Application Process Models view.
Improved installer
Improved Modeler Installer, with a fresh look and feel and new options to easily connect to your Modeler Services.
For Enterprise subscribers, a new step has been added to type the Service’s URL enabling direct connection to their subscription.
SharePoint Online, 2016 and 2013 now supported
Modeler Services subscribers can now publish their processes to SharePoint Online, 2016 and 2013.
We will no longer support publishing to SharePoint 2007.
Palette with all shapes by default
The Shapes Palette where all our diagramming shapes are located, will now show the Extended view by default. This way, Modeler users can start diagramming their models with the full set of shapes from the start. No need to change from views to obtain the extended and complete set.
Bug fixes
The Web Application is now available for iOS and Mac OS devices.
When browsing published documentation in full-screen, a fit-screen option was added to restore the screen, instead of displaying the same full-screen button.
URL attributes inside tables are now shown as expected in the Web Application.
The “Name” column of the attached files windows is now truncated with an ellipsis when the name of a file is too long.
Numbers are now shown correctly in Text type attributes.
The edition icon of the attached files table can now be clicked without glitches.
The Publish all Models option is no longer available.
The tooltip of the search icon on a diagram is now fully shown.
The option to Download the Installer from the Web Application can now be turned on with the “InstallerDownload” key.
File extensions containing upper case letters can now be uploaded.
When publishing to Web or SharePoint, links added as extended attributes are now exported as expected.
The Check Attributes option is now working as expected.
The “DisableUpgradeWindow” key should now be used instead of “AvoidUpgrade” in order to skip the update window. The former option now results in an error if used before the first execution of the application.
The Import procedure of a .bpmn diagram that was generated with modeler no longer result in ID errors.
The performance when changing an element’s color after an alignment was improved.
When exporting all elements from all diagrams, the elements are sorted as they appear on the diagram.
The performance when converting an embedded subprocess into a reusable subprocess was improved.
Some UI cues where added to indicate when something is loading so that the user can identify if the application crashed or if it is still loading.
You can now open a diagram after opening a folder, even when all the thumbnails have not been loaded.
The advanced search feature of the Process Models tab was improved.
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