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Release notes Bizagi Studio

Version 11.2.3 Release 2 Release date:September 17, 2019
New features
Multiple authentication
Bizagi now features a new Authentication method which enables to configure two or more authentication types and domains. The method used at runtime is instantiated according to the domain selected when the end user enters to the Work Portal.
Management Console Web with OKTA + OpenID
Bizagi’s Management Console Web now supports authentication with OKTA to enhance security. This new feature allows multiple users accessing the Management Console Web.
Forms authentication
Bizagi now supports forms authentication, which can authenticate a user against an identity provider by a cookie present in a form. Therefore, with this feature, when an external application generates an authentication cookie based on Forms Authentication, Bizagi can log in without the need to request credentials.
SCIM for user synchronization
Bizagi now exposes new RESTfull services for user synchronization. These services rely on the System for Cross-domain Identity Management standard (SCIM), which several Identity Providers like Azure AD use. You can perform CRUD operations through these services, enhancing user synchronization in On-premises and cloud-based projects.
Improvements in Management Console Web
Bizagi Management console web now features Data sync option to lets you move data between environments.
On-premises SharePoint Web parts improved
Bizagi Web parts have been improved to enable authentication with SAML 2.0. The configuration has been simplified and has been enhanced, avoiding authentication in configuration time.
User guide improvements

  • You can now create users in the Work Portal with LDAP authentication.
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