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Case Management with Bizagi

How to orchestrate customer-centric digital operations

Why is Case Management important to Digital Transformation?

Today’s digital business operations drive continuous interactions between people, processes, technology and information. Many organizations manage these interactions using cases, from customer on-boarding, to HR processes, service requests and decision approvals. Mastering and automating the processes that drive these cases to completion is a critical element of digital transformation for many organizations across the globe.

Today, managing cases effectively requires capabilities that are more advanced:

  •   Empowering customer service employees with exactly the right information at the right time
  •   Connecting increasing disparate sources of data from across and outside the organization
  •   Leveraging AI and Machine Learning technologies to drive fast, intelligent and automated decisions

How Bizagi can help

Bizagi provides a flexible approach to non-routine work processes (cases) by coordinating knowledge, content and resources in a goal-oriented fashion. Cases bind together individual and structured process instances into a single case. Cases can be started from a process instance perspective, or from external sources (systems), to be triggered automatically by changes in data or by the conscious decision of a stakeholder. The Bizagi platform supports all types of work processes.

Structured or unstructured data

Instigate manually or from external sources and changes in data

Co-ordination of knowledge, content and resources

Structured vs. Unstructured


e.g. automated regulatory process

Structured with adhoc exceptions

e.g. financial back office transaction

Unstructured with pre-defined fragments

e.g. claims case


e.g. fraud investigations

Use Cases

  •   Customer Service Ticketing
  •   Contract Management
  •   Incident Resolution
  •   Fraud Investigation
  •   Product Ideation
  •   Facilities Project Management
  •   Compliance Tracking

Learn the Advantages of Using Bizagi for Case Management

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