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Global fleet automates complex management processes with Bizagi 6 months sooner than expected.
We see huge potential for more use across the business, including as part of a new joint venture. Project Manager
This global fleet of gantry vessels has complex and demanding management processes in areas including disbursements, contracts and approvals. As such, it required a specialized workflow engine to automate and streamline the flow of information across its internal and external systems.

Impressed by Bizagi’s low-code modeling capabilities, they chose the Bizagi platform over five leading competitors. Acting as an automation engine, Bizagi’s process orchestration layer will become the integral infrastructure component within the company.
  • Replace inefficient paper-based processes driving shipping operations
  • Reduce duplication of work globally
  • Improve collaboration between global office locations
  • Replace ERP System – a huge project that had to be completed on time and within budget
  • Increased efficiency by digitizing paper-based system
  • New ERP delivered 6 months sooner than expected
  • Cut duplication of work across the business
  • Project delivered $2million below budget
  • United global office locations through single system
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