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Bahraini oil and energy company automated 50 processes in one year through a CoE that guarantees improved performance across the organization.
About Tatweer
Tatweer Petroleum (a joint venture between OXY, nogaholding and Mubadala Petroleum) operates the 75 km2 onshore oil field for the Kingdom of Bahrain. Tatweer embarked on a company-wide rapid business transformation program to increase operational efficiency, lower costs and reduce turnaround times.
Tatweer Petroleum embarked on a company-wide business transformation aimed at removing ambiguity, manual tasks and bottlenecks from core processes to increase operational efficiency and reduce costs. With Bizagi BPMS Tatweer is now able to ensure that the 1500+ oil wells are drilled, managed and optimized as effectively as possible.

A rapid delivery approach enabled Tatweer to hit the ambitious target of automating 50 processes in one year, build a robust BPM system used by 700+ people and create a Center of Excellence (CoE) that guarantees continuity, improved performance and adoption across the organization.
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