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Largest Chilean gas company reduces discount approval times by 83% and centralizes data for faster time to market
About Lipigas
Lipigas is the leading provider
of Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) in Chile for the residential, industrial and real estate sectors. Prior to implementing Bizagi BPMS, processes were managed through email-based, informal and asynchronous communications. They chose Bizagi's BPM software to enable continuous improvement.
Seamless integration with the legacy SAP ERP system was crucial to enable the end-to-end process automation and significantly contributed to the project success.
Best practice:
  • Identify critical points of the process and capture key requirements at an early stage
  • Recognise that processes are subject to change and define a scalability plan to stakeholders
  • Select a BPM software that is easy to use and that attracts the business user
  • Ensure the BPM solution is backed by powerful data capabilities to allow reuse
Manual methods and offline workarounds were preventing Lipigas employees providing an outstanding service to their distributors.

Optimizing activities and resources alongside seamless connectivity with its legacy ERP has revolutionized internal procedures. Thanks to Bizagi BPM software, staff are empowered to provide the best service possible and improve relationships within the supply chain.
  • Automate core business processes and workflows including "Request & allocation of distributors' discounts"
  • Gain real-time traceability of discount requests to increase process control
  • Ensure integration with SAP ERP for both data gathering and data updating
  • Optimize activities and resources involved in the process, primarily by eliminating manual tasks
  • Minimize request approval times to improve applicants' response rates
  • Obtain KPIs and reports to support continuous process improvement
  • Process automation accomplished in record time of 5 weeks
  • 83% reduction in approval cycle time, from discount request to approval update in SAP
  • Centralized data, allowing agile decision making and faster time to market
  • Elimination of manual tasks, increasing traceability and reducing the risk of errors
  • Increased process transparency, data consistency and resource productivity
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