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Largest coal mine in Latin America consolidated processes in just 6 months to see increased agility, integration & visibility
About Cerrejón
Cerrejón is an integrated mining and transport complex in La Guajira, a department in the northernmost section of Colombia. The country’s largest private exporter and one of its most important tax payers, Cerrejón employs 10,000 people and exports 32 million tons of coal a year.
The BPM solution that we implemented is a system in its maximum expression, where the people, the technology and other aspects are integrated, such as: legislation, companies, legal vehicles, currencies among others. The BPM coordinates and orchestrates all these players and concepts from when the client orders the coal until it is received.
Multiple stakeholders in the US and Ireland. Multiple operations, including a coalmine, a railroad and a seaport. Not to mention local regulation to meet. Profiting from the commercialization of coal is a complex operation for LATAM’s largest open-pit coal mine.

Bizagi was chosen to orchestrate and control the massive transactional volumes taking place between Cerrejón’s commercial offices, logistics and finance operations. Today, customers can expect a seamless sales experience – from the moment they place an order to its receipt.
  • To increase the agility and control of the sales process
  • To integrate all areas involved:sales, foreign trade, logistics, finance. Technology Manager at Cerrejon.
  • Increased business process agility, integration and visibility
  • Reduction of the invoicing cycle
  • Consolidation of information and processes
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