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Sustainable energy company launches prolific process factory,
automating over 360 processes in 2 years
About Abengoa
Abengoa is an international company that applies innovative technology solutions to sustainable development in the energy and environment sectors. Founded in Seville in 1941, the company today operates in over 70 countries and boasts sales of €7,000m with 84% of revenues coming from
outside Spain.
In Bizagi, Abengoa found a modern and robust BPM tool capable of supporting its sophisticated process oriented structure and providing the necessary adaptability in changing market conditions.
Best practice:
  • Design, develop and deliver the project in clearly defined phases
  • Build process awareness prior to embarking on a BPM initiative
  • Create a prototype, deliver it quickly – this is key to gaining stakeholder commitment and investment
  • Recognize that BPM on this scale requires large cultural changes
  • Make the integrated data model your anchor for process success – as data can be shared across different processes and workflows
'Scale fast' was the approach at Abengoa. Bizagi successfully designed and implemented a full-scale business transformation in just two years.

Embedding global quality standards, Abengoa launched a prolific ‘process factory’, automating 40 processes in just 3 months. Now, Bizagi BPMS is at the heart of an enterprise-wide process evolution, boosting performance across finance, projects and risk management.
  • Implement a multi-tenancy, multi-language BPM platform
  • Set and define global standards for usability and reliability
  • Integrate with existing systems including Lotus Notes and SAP
  • Deliver process & workflow performance on mobile devices
  • Automate the approval and resourcing requests for civil work
  • Define core administrative and operational processes for the Group
  • Global automation guidelines set in 2 months
  • 40 processes implemented within 3 months
  • 360+ processes deployed over 2 years
  • Integration with SAP, PeopleSoft, Lotus Notes, BlackBerry and iPad
  • Processes managed in transparent manner, compliant with industry standards
  • Mass adoption, consolidation and sustainability of BPM
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