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Travel commerce platform accelerated delivery time with agile, low-code implementation to see their customer request completion rate triple, achieving positive ROI in just 2 months
About Travelport
Travelport is a travel commerce platform that sits behind websites and corporate travel agents. It provides content from over 400 airlines, thousands of hotels and car companies, so that they can provide customers with best choices when booking travel.
We’re making this ‘The year of Bizagi’, we’re looking to bring a lot of additional projects in. We’ve been looking at our other products to move into Bizagi, that should help us be more efficient and more effective for our customers Alan Zimmerman, Snr Business Process Architect
Travelport used Bizagi as part of their API enablement project to build interfaces with customers after experiencing severe delays with their previous computer interface process, resulting in lost business opportunities and lost revenue.

After implementing Bizagi, they were able to create an agile environment to deliver APIs far more efficiently with a low code solution. This reduced average enablement time by 75% and produced positive ROI within just 2 months of the launch - demonstrating the speed-to-value of Bizagi and paving the way for a lot more agile process automation at Travelport.
  • Enable API interface for customers so they can utilize Travelport information
  • Create an agile working environment to meet customer requests quickly
  • Speed up development cycles to deliver new solutions promptly
  • Develop parallel processing to increase efficiency
  • 74% of requests processed in one day vs 23% before
  • 3x quicker completion rate
  • 75% reduction in average enablement time
  • Positive ROI from project in just 2 months
  • Received excellent feedback from users in terms of ease of use and tool presentation
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