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15 automated processes, 116 activities and 66 integration points; impacting relationships between customers and intermediaries
About Universal Insurance
Seguros Universal, a subsidiary of Grupo Universal, founded in 1964 in the Dominican Republic. It offers a wide range of products in the various branches of the insurance industry, in the forecasting business and in diversified investment management, currently covering about 32% of the local market.
Better practices:
  • Define your processes in order of priorities
  • Involve sub-processes to unify different areas, systems and users
  • Create a group of high level consultants within the organization that reflects their needs and translates their concepts into the process as a key to ensuring commitment and investment in the development cycle
  • Involve internal users in the development process in follow-up meetings to ensure the transfer of appropriate knowledge, obtain feedback and implement recommended improvements
  • Spend time defining requirements and get feedback from users
Universal Insurance embarked on a BPM initiative to automate the process of vehicle insurance claims. Used by three subsidiaries and about 500 end users, this process is considered the most complex in its entire organization. Today, the “BPM Auto” system supports this process from beginning to end, together with robust case management and a powerful analysis capability.
  • Monitor, measure and improve the user experience in the vehicle insurance claim process.
  • Provide customers with consistent services that meet their needs, inform them in real time about the status of the complaint processes, continuously improve the time spent on the repair of their vehicles and find resolutions to complaints and claims in a faster and more efficient way.
  • Increase employee productivity through more accurate claims validation in a unified system for the entire company.
  • Integrate the 15 processes involved to follow up the customer's vehicle step by step, measure the results of the studies and repairs and give answers in real time.
  • The auto parts return rate was reduced by 30%.
  • The integration of processes and systems allowed Seguros Universal to process a greater number of claims and resolve them efficiently without increasing the hiring of new employees.
  • In less than a year the cost of repair of the vehicles and the response time to customers was reduced.
  • Delivery of auto parts on time which allows a more accurate repair, reducing returns.
  • Optimization in the escalation of legal demands and conciliation with third parties.
  • Automatic validation of claims documentation, settlement of overdue balances at the date of the occurrence and declaration of total loss if the damage exceeds 65% of the insured value.
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