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reduction in time to process new smart cards


weeks to map and implement new solution

Providing 6,000 staff with appropriate access to highly secure clinical information is complex enough; add in rapid staff turnover, paper-based systems, and a dispersed workforce and it’s easy to see why this local healthcare trust struggled with resource planning and strategic decision making.

The new automation solution was mapped, tested and implemented in under four weeks, with staff provided with smart cards to access accurate patient information in 13 days, when it previously took up to 6 weeks.

Workflow analysis has improved smart card processing times, reduced errors and improved back office efficiency. Overall this allows us to provide better customer service to our customers, who are themselves delivering patient care."

Assistant Director of IM&T


  • Improve the way new medical staff receive electronic access to patient records
  • Implement a workflow system that delivers senior managers access to strategic information
  • Improve resource allocation and remove process bottlenecks
  • Achieve a high level of stakeholder satisfaction from medical/admin staff
  • Deliver a BPM solution capable of improving future processes within the Trust


  • Automation solution mapped, tested and implemented in under four weeks
  • Smart card processing reduced by 70% from 6 weeks to under 13 days
  • All new starters given access to accurate information
  • Bizagi integrated with central IT system keeps all parties up-to-date
  • On-demand strategic management reports enable better resource allocation