• Principal fornecedor de neuroreabilitação
  • Principal fornecedor de neuroreabilitação
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improvement in patient on-boarding process


more patients being served

A leading provider of rehabilitation for patients with neurological injuries needed to transform its patient onboarding process, which was taking two to three weeks and meant that suffering trauma patients were having to wait before they could be moved to rehabilitation centers.

In 90 days, they were able to digitize the patient onboarding process with Bizagi's digital business platform solution. As a direct result the clinicians are now able to offer treatment within two to three days, and offering faster treatment has led to a 21% growth in patient numbers.

At a human level, our Bizagi system has helped us to improve the lives of patients by reducing the time it takes to offer treatment. At a commercial level, it has enabled significant business growth."

Morgan Porter

Former CTO


  • Speed up patient on-boarding process that was taking two to three weeks
  • Move suffering trauma patients from hospital beds to rehabilitation centers more quickly
  • Minimize revenue lost to competitors due to delays
  • Reduce the pressure on highly stretched specialist staff members


  • Now serving 21% more patients across five sites
  • Patient on-boarding process reduced by 90% in 90 days
  • Freed up specialist physicians to do what they do best - delivering rehabilitation treatment
  • Increased operational intelligence driven by insights into process efficiency
  • Organization is running efficiently and ready to continue to grow