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Global car manufacturer's Japanese branch uses process automation to reducing internal processing time by 75%
About Audi Japan
Audi Japan KK, importer of
Audi vehicles and subsidiary of Audi AG, specializes in the management of internal company cars. After experiencing fast growth, the company undertook a BPM initiative to enable the organization to run more predictably and transparently as well as adapt easily to changing business dynamics.
Bizagi BPM software is flexible and capable of integrating and automating several processes at the same time, creating a robust system that can be easily adapted to business growth as more and more processes are automated.
Best practice:
  • Trust your end users to lead the process definition and requirements gathering
  • Involve a strong management BPM sponsor in every stage of design & implementation
  • Appoint trained in-house BPM specialists to speed up the development
  • Don’t underestimate the resources needed to support BPM change management
  • Start small and advance quickly – Audi Japan demonstrated early results fast
  • Ensure your chosen BPMS solution delivers ease of use, flexibility and fast implementation
  • Be sensitive to the existing culture and demonstrate the benefits of change
Managing the demanding, high-value processes of a global corporation needs strong and flexible process automation and workflows. In just 14 days, Bizagi BPMS turned the complex Audi Japan’s Request for Approvals process chain into a streamlined, secure and paperless administration.

Empowered by this quick win, Audi Japan automated a further 4 processes in quick succession, paving the way for improved decision making, reduced costs and better resources management.
  • Increase transparency and quality of the Finance & Administration Division processes
  • Reduce reliance on paper trails and processes complementing the SAP system
  • Automate sensitive and high level requests for approvals worth over $5m
  • Centralize documentation to make past approvals easier to find and track
  • Provide non-financial users with a quick and convenient approval method
  • Introduce an organizational change towards process-oriented activities
  • Support a complex, multi-level, multi-language environment
  • Approval request process automated for 20 departments in 14 days
  • Up to 75% reduction in internal processing time for all five processes
  • Increased performance and productivity of the Finance & Administration Division
  • Reduction of paperwork, manual activities and unnecessary delays
  • Optimized distribution and reallocation of workloads, resources and responsibilities
  • Time savings due to reduction of archiving and filing; all documents generated in BPMS
  • Ability to quickly reproduce and adapt processes to other departments in the group
  • Faster and more convenient approval method supported by web portal
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