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The renowned casino chain digitized manual activities of the credit approval for patrons to ensure that loans administered in the casino met regulatory guidelines.
The Credit Patron Database project went live with no issues. I want to thank the team for all their hard work and dedication, without which this project would not have been a success Project Manager
The 5-star hotel chain had the ability to administer loans to patrons on its casino floor to enable them to keep playing for longer. But short-term loans at a high volume require intense scrutiny to ensure regulatory compliance.

Multiple external systems were required to retrieve and update information manually and the credit approval process lacked a mechanism to manage and track the process end-to-end.

Bizagi and their partner Nividous worked together to build a solution that automated all key components of the process and provided real-time integration between the systems, generating single click reports and security checks that were mapped within the process.
  • Automate the complex manual approval process
  • Create structured process to adhere with security audits prior to credit approval
  • Connect discrete systems to eliminate manual errors and accelerate process
  • Provide status visibility of each patron’s credit requests
  • Enable reporting and analytics to present data related to credit requests
  • Eliminate information leakage from manual handoffs
  • Improved process quality and visibility due to seamless integration with external systems
  • Due diligence was ensured as per regulatory guidelines prior to credit approvals
  • Security audit checks were mapped within the process
  • Quicker turnaround time due to easy navigation across approval statuses
  • Accurate credit request status with real-time updates of utilization of credit
  • Enhanced data accuracy with automated handover process during shifts
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