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Colombian state pension institution makes 1 million payments each month through Bizagi, reducing operating costs by 60%
About Colpensiones
Colpensiones is an industrial
and commercial state financial institution, linked to the Colombian Ministry of Labour. Replacing its predecessor, the 60-year old "Instituto de Seguros Sociales" (ISS), it was created to improve the services provided to its members, contributors and general public.
With nearly 1M cases and 28M activities performed in a month supporting $4bn financial transactions in total, Colpensiones is recognized as one of the largest BPM projects in the world. Pedro Nel Ospina, ex-CEO, Colpensiones
Best practice:
  • Involve key representatives of all departments that require BPM process automation
  • Design, develop and deliver the project in clearly defined phases
  • Build process awareness prior to embarking on a BPM initiative
  • Focus on key processes and add new ones when the main processes are fully tested
  • Recognize that BPM on this scale requires large cultural changes
  • Address local decision making and autonomy through change management workshops
'Think big' was the approach at Colpensiones. Bizagi successfully designed and implemented a brand-new entity from a process perspective.

This large-scale initiative enabled 120+ business processes to be automated in a record 9 months, generating speed, agility and service levels never seen before in the country's public pension system.
  • Implement agile and efficient process management for the newly created Colombian state pension system
  • Transform the system from paper-based to process-oriented and paperless
  • Improve the customer experience and become a financially viable entity
  • Standardize processes to improve customer service and remove backlog of 84,000 lawsuits and 100,000 complaints
  • Reduce costs through centralized processes measured and controlled by KPIs
  • Colpensiones designed and implemented in its entirety from a process perspective
  • 118 processes supporting workflows went live in 9 months to administer the contributions of 6.5 m citizens
  • Bizagi BPM system performs 28 million activities and 1 million payments each month
  • Substantial reduction in operating costs: 3,000+ employees down to 1,200
  • The BPM solution provides real-time, accurate information to 92 offices in 49 cities
  • Delivery of high performance, transparent and customer-centric service
  • The newly created pension system is now fiscally sustainable
  • 118 processes automated in first phase, 200 planned for second phase
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