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The London University's student status amendment process is now 90% faster, closing an average of 3,000 cases per year
About Birkbeck
London’s only specialist
provider of evening higher education, attracting students who are looking to re-skill and change career. Its Operational Excellence program is a landmark project designed to empower employees to carry out their own small process initiatives as well as pave the way for large-scale process improvement.
Process Modeler has gone viral; and this is only possible because Bizagi BPMS is so easy to use. James Smith, Head of Systems & Process Improvement, Birkbeck University of London
Best practice:
  • Involve all business owners in the BPM technology selection
  • Enlist support from external facilitator to define the first processes
  • Map processes, define workflows and share tasks with the business team
  • Promote and share your aims for Operational Excellence
  • Support and mentor colleagues’ process modeling efforts
  • Recognise that BPM does not reside in IT but should be a shared business tool
Birkbeck, University of London, embarked on BPM as part of its Operational Excellence program, designed to improve process efficiency and deliver better value for money in a fluctuating HE environment.

As a result, the university tightened a process to ensure the timely application of student loans and sped up its Student Status Amendment Program by 90%.
  • Increase process efficiency for students choosing to change their course of study
  • Improve timeliness of applications for student loans
  • Implement an Operational Excellence Program through BPM
  • Reduce data complexity, duplication and errors
  • Model and automate the Student Status Amendment (SSA) process
  • Interact with multiple systems (e.g. Oracle APEX, Student Loan Company)
  • Student Status Amendment process 90% faster with Bizagi BPM software
  • Proportion of student debt resulting from ‘Promise to Apply’ is down 16%
  • 3 processes deployed in under 12 months
  • "Fastfix" initiative to empower staff to instigate their own small scale process improvements is operational
  • "My Birkbeck Profile" portal enables students to action their request online
  • Accessible to 30,000 students; average 3,000 cases closed per year
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