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Automation of client fund deposit and credit application processes delivered more new business while ensuring enterprise-wide compliance.
We recently acquired a new entity and needed to quickly automate business processes in the sales portal to integrate with our business systems while ensuring that each application adheres to company policies and processes. Project Manager
A top Asian securities company was looking to maintain compliance and improve its non-transparent business processes. Processes such as client fund deposit and the credit application were taking too long and hindering business growth.

By applying business process automation, they were able to standardize the process-driven sales portal and increase efficiency and compliance.
  • Create standardized processes to ease compliance and SLA monitoring
  • Support business growth by creating transparent processes
  • Shorten processing time for client fund deposit and credit application processes
  • Consolidate analytics reports and scattered data
  • Deployed 5 key business flows within 6 months
  • Centralized, process-driven sales portal increased efficiency and compliance
  • Increased visibility for application submitted and left audit trail
  • Business Process Automation sped up and improved customer experience with client fund deposit and credit application
  • Agile process management allowed continuous SLA improvement and process configuration
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