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The process simplifications between CRM and order management saw 60% improvement in average order handling time as well as automated warranty renewals.
The leading document services provider has a large volume of orders and was using discrete legacy systems requiring significant manual efforts. They required an automated approval workflow for its order processing and warranty renewals.

Together with Nividous, Bizagi delivered a comprehensive order management solution used to manage the end-to-end operations. Purchase and sales order processing, vendor payments, pre-ordering, product delivery and warranty renewals with auto-reminders are now all automated within the same interface, with order handling times processed up to 60% faster.
  • Identify and monitor unprocessed orders and issues related to them
  • Connect multiple systems to reduce inconsistencies in data
  • Optimize labor-intensive, error-prone reporting and analytics tasks
  • Automate warranty renewal process
  • End-to-end management of operations related to order management and product warranty renewals
  • End-to-end process visibility to speed up order fulfilment and warranty renewals
  • Up to 60% improvement in average order handling time
  • Process simplification between CRM and order management
  • Enhanced data accuracy and consistency
  • Seamless integration between discrete systems via standardized business processes
  • Timely and comprehensive analytics reports
  • Enterprise-wide solution rolled out within 32 weeks
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