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The optimized special pricing approval has reduced the process time by 85% and integrating with SAP saves employees 20 minutes per approval by automating data uploads.
About Kyocera
Kyocera is a Japanese multi-national electronics and ceramics manufacturer, specializing in printing and copiers as well as providing secure document solutions.  Established in 1959, Kyocera has over 70,000 employees around the world with an annual revenue of over $16 billion.
The integration of Bizagi with our ERP system, SAP, was an emotional breakthrough for our organization… It was not about convincing those people their job has disappeared, but showing them how easy that task now is, and providing them with opportunities to better spend their time Kyohei Shimada, Manager, Digital BPM
The printer and copier manufacturer completed a project to digitize and automate a special pricing approval process for large accounts such as banks and governmental organizations.

The automated process has not only reduced the process time by 85% to accelerate turnaround time and win Kyocera new business, but it has also helped to free up the time of employees. The process, which was previously conducted via email and Excel spreadsheets was modeled in Bizagi and integrated with SAP to directly activate the opportunity to purchase.
  • Optimize Excel and email-based Special Pricing Approval (SPA) to speed up 10 days average process time
  • Increase visibility for senior executives to give approving VP a clear view of information required to make final decision
  • Integration with SAP and legacy systems to relieve employees of manual data entry tasks
  • Provide opportunity for material and intellectual growth of employees
  • Document processes to meet SLAs
  • Reduced the average SPA process time by 85% from 10 days down to 1.5 days on average
  • Accelerated turnaround to win more new business with pipeline of over €300million in revenue each year
  • Integrated with SAP to directly activate the opportunity to purchase
  • Freed up employees’ time, 20 minutes per approval, to allow them to grow and add value
  • Used Bizagi Modeler to document processes and improve efficiency
  • Accelerated responses to enable better customer service
  • Agile decision-making ability based on pricing deals for more efficient customer partnerships
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