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One of Spain's largest banks automated 12 core processes in a record time of just 19 weeks, 30% faster than expected
About Anida
BBVA, one of Spain's largest banks, created Anida in 2011 to automate the management of real-estate repossessions following the global financial crisis. Since implementing Bizagi, BPMS has become the underlying foundation for the whole process lifecycle.
I'd use Bizagi for any project, regardless of size, scale or complexity. It truly is BPMS without limits. Alberto Serfaty, Senior Manager, Performance Improvement, EY
Best practice:
  • Keep one document for all phases: process discovery, specification, test and training
  • Plan for scalability – so everyone knows how and when new processes are added
  • Set expectations early that every process is subject to improvement to manage changes gradually
  • Deliver version 1.0 and embark on changes once milestones and stability are achieved
  • Appoint a process owner to act as a central point for managing improvement feedback
  • Consider a phased roll out to manage the customer expectation and user acceptance
  • Swap traditional methodology for agile: it saves time and delivers quality
Managing the real estate inventory worth billions of euros needed strong financial process automation and workflow. Bizagi created and defined an entirely independent and agile IT infrastructure in record time, enabling BBVA's real estate unit to handle the large amount of property assets received from developers.

In just 19 weeks –5 less than expected- the entire end-to-end process was defined, implemented and ready to go.
  • Remove 'bad debt' and remove toxic assets from the company's books, fast
  • Deliver an agile IT infrastructure to support fast optimization of the end-to-end processes and workflows
  • Automate Admission, Purchase and Commercialization processes with BPMS
  • Integrate BPMS with Web Portal, ERP, Valuation & Document Management systems
  • Define KPIs to show a complete audit trail of what was happening and when
  • Bizagi automated 12 key admission processes in 19 weeks – 5 less than expected
  • 42 processes fully automated and used by 1000 employees across the organization
  • Repossessed properties are processed and validated in a fraction of the time
  • Customers have far greater visibility of what properties are for sale
  • 3,500 cases created monthly; over 20% closed in the same period
  • BPMS is now the underlying foundation for the whole process lifecycle – not just admissions
  • Improved agility in adapting processes to comply with changing regulation
  • Quality reporting and forecasting based on KPIs and historical or future trend analysis
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