Digital Transformation and Process Automation e-books

The Agility Trap
Download this guide to learn the essential capabilities of your technology platform for digital transformation, so that you can select the right technologies to help you transform faster.
The Agility Trap
This survey of over 1000 businesses across the globe has identified a common experience, where large businesses are trapped in gridlock on the road to digital change.

Top 5 Challenges of Digital Transformation
Are you struggling with inflexible legacy technologies? Or a lack of collaboration between business and IT teams? You’ll find the answers here.

Practical Guide to Kick-Start Your Digital Transformation
Get this practical guide for business and digital leaders explaining a proven three-step framework for beginning your digital transformation.

Spaghetti BPM
Forrester found that 67% of those reporting that digital initiatives significantly exceeded their goals had a COE. This paper explains the key attributes of a COE and will guide you through the steps in building yours.
BPM: Know the cost
Knowing the true cost of a BPMS goes beyond simply acquiring the software. This guide equips you with the probing questions you need to ask vendors to ensure your system delivers maximum long-term value.
B for Business
The clue is in the title: putting BUSINESS back into BPM. All too often it is forgotten that business people should drive their own processes to achieve true process improvement.

SAP integration
Invested in SAP - but not sure whether you need BPM? Learn how BPM+SAP adds value: from enhanced mobility to greater productivity - all through one simple, low-code Connector.

Lipstick on a pig
Don’t shrink, rethink! Successfully re-engineering processes for mobile goes beyond replicating basic workflows. 5 best practice tips for overcoming mobility challenges to deliver the optimal end user experience.
Go beyon process modeling
Looking to progress beyond process modeling? Taking your processes digital is easy and it could bring big value to your bottom line. Our free guide explains how.

Sharepoint, BPM or both?
A must-read paper for SharePoint users, who are exploring workflow options either through customization of SharePoint or through a layered integration of SharePoint and BPMS. Which approach is right for you?
Spaghetti BPM
This paper reveals how data integration weaknesses that stem from the architecture of many BPM systems hinder scalability and it offers a remedy to help streamline integration and speed up development.
Your first BPM process
BPM programs live or die on the success of the pilot project, which in turn depends on choosing the first process carefully. Read this paper to make sure your BPM journey gets off to a good start.
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