Bizagi BPM solutions

Based on the experience gained in process automation in different organizations around the world, Bizagi has designed a set of Knowledge Modules. These Modules comprise a portfolio of customizable business process templates that reflect the industry's common practices and enable us to offer expeditious BPM implementations (3 to 5 months) with guaranteed results and a remarkably high ROI.

Banking, Insurance, Administrative & HR, IT Operations, Compliance, Quality and Customer Service solutions


Bizagi helps Banks to increase their lending capacity and reduce the lead times for customer attention, approval and disbursement of loan applications. This eliminates reprocessing and provides an increase in the quality of customer service, as well as providing an integral business management solution.

Our available BPM Banking Solutions are:


Bizagi assist insurers to increase their capacity for the issue and renewal of policies and to reduce lead times for customer attention, analysis, approval and delivery of the policies, thus increasing the quality of customer service and providing an integral business management solution.

Our available BPM Insurance Solutions are:

Administrative & HR

Bizagi Administrative & Human Resources Solutions address general problems of various organizations around the world, processes that are generally inefficient, unproductive and in which there is much room for improvement.

Within these support processes, Bizagi offers Knowledge Modules for:

IT Operations

Your company is constantly growing and the management of technologic resources becomes more critical and complicated. Assistance requests generated by unavailability and malfunctioning are more frequent and complex. Bizagi's IT Operations Solutions allows you to efficiently manage employees' incidents and technical requests, providing effective results faster.

Our Available BPM Solutions for IT Operations are:


The BPM architecture providinges the quickest and simplest method to maintain compliance than any other type of solution. Bizagi has all the necessary tools to interact efficiently with other systems and, most importantly, to allow the correct alignment of all people, resources and process information, in order to comply with the regulations.

Our available BPM Compliance Solutions are:


Bizagi´s solutions for quality management have been created thinking about the development and efficiency of companies. These solutions contribute to the ongoing activities that organizations perform for quality assurance and process improvement.

Our available BPM Solutions for Quality are:

Customer Service

An efficient customer service solution is critical for optimizing your business performance. Bizagi´s solution supports your customer service programs and can help you to achieve a positive impact on your bottom line.

Our available BPM Customer Service Solutions are:

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