Bizagi is available in multiple editions to support the varying needs of organizations. From the entry-level Xpress Edition for departmental solutions/Pilot projects, to the corporate editions for mission critical and core business processes, satisfying the most demanding needs in larger organizations

Enterprise Edition

The corporate editions of Bizagi BPMS have been designed for large businesses with high volume, reliability and availability requirements. They provide all the features needed in a large BPM project to help you run your business more efficiently, improve employee productivity, and reduce costs. They deliver an enterprise-class platform for mission critical, high performance, complex business processes in organizations that go from hundreds to thousands of users.

our corporate editions (Enterprise .NET and Enterprise JEE) are similar in functionality, the only difference is the platform where they execute. This allows you to choose the right one depending on your technological preferences.

Xpress Edition

Bizagi BPMS Xpress Edition is an easy to use and inexpensive Business Process and Workflow Management (BPM) Software designed for departmental solutions or for small and medium sized businesses. Bizagi BPMS Xpress Edition is a subsidized edition that will allow you to experience the benefits of BPM in an initial project (prototype, pilot project, trial) before you begin with your full BPM program. Bizagi BPMS Xpress Edition can be used for a maximum of 50 users only.

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